Control Gear (Ballasts Ignitors etc.)

1. Ballasts.

The Ballast is a device intended to limit the amount of current in an electric circuit. A familiar and widely used example is the Inductive Ballast used in Fluorescent and Discharge Lamps and Tubes, to limit the current through the Arc Tube, which would otherwise rise to destructive levels due to the Lamps/Tube's negative resistance characteristic.
Ballasts vary in design and complexity. They can be as simple as a series resistor or inductor, Transformers, or a combination there of or as complex as Electronic Ballasts as used with Fluorescent Lamps & Tubes, and High-Intensity Discharge Lamps.

Philips L5090BX 90 watt SOX Leak Transformer Ballast was used for Main Road Street Lighting, circa 1970's

Transtar 35/55 watt Low Watts Loss SOX Ballast was used for Side Road Street Lighting Circa 2000's

GEC Z1629P 120 watt Reactance Ballast (Choke) for 120 watt SON Lamps as used for Side Road Street Lighting. circa 1988

Holophane Lighting PML080 Reactance Ballast (Choke) for 80 watt Mercury Lamps as used for Side Road Street Lighting circa 1985

PARMAR SHW40322245 CWA (Constant Wattage Auto-Transformer) Ballast and 25uf 440 volt Capacitor for operating the American 400 watt Metal Halide Lamp for Main Road Street Lighting circa 1994

Philips 70 watt Programmed XT HID Electronic Ballast for 70 watt SON High Pressure Sodium Lamps as used for Side Road Street Lighting

American Advance Transformer Co. Inc. USA, 71A3571, 100 watt CWA (Constant Wattage Auto-Transformer) Mercury Ballast and Shunt Capacitor for operating the US 100 watt H38 Mercury Vapour Lamps

2. Capacitors

A Capacitor is also used in Discharge Lighting Circuits as a Power Factor Correction also with some SOX and Metal Halide Lamps, they act as a voltage Shunt on a CWA Constant Wattage Autotransformer Ballasts. To give a high voltage kick through the Ballast to aid striking the Lamp.

Cambridge Capacitors Ltd. 10uf 250v Capacitor for Power Factor Correction for 70w SON/MBI, 125w MBF/U Mercury Vapour, and 90w SOX Lamps using Choke/Ignitor Circuits.

RBR 35uf 250v Capacitor for Power Factor Correction for 250w SON High Pressure Sodium and MBI (HQI, Arcstream, CMH, Whitelux, Metal Halide) or 400w MBF /MBI (HPI, Kolorarc, Euro, Metal Halide) Lamps

3. Ignitors

The Ignitor is a electronic starting device intended to strike the discharge lamp, this is done by generating a high voltage pulse and depending on the lamp ranges from 750 volts for a SOX Lamp to as much as 5000 volts for a SON or MBI Lamp, Special Ignitors are also available where Instant Restrike is needed especially with Linear Lamps which ranges from 25000 volts for MBI-L /SON-L  lamps to as high as 132000 volts for Xenon Lamps.

Tridonic ATCO Suoer Imposed Pulse Electronic Ignitor for 35/55 watt SOX and 26/36 watt SOX-E Lamps

Philips SX74 Parallel Electronic Ignitor for 135 watt SOX and 91 watt SOX-E Lamps

Atlas/Thorn G53455 Super Impose Pulse (S.I.P.) Electronic Ignitor for Striking 150 to 400 watt SON and MBI Lamps.

Philips SK578 Semi Parallel Impulser Ignitor for 50 to 600w SON, 35 to 250w MBI, 50 to 150w CDO and 35 to 250w CDM Lamps.

Tridonic ATCO ZRM1000 Parallel Electronic Ignitor for 175 to 2000w MBI (Kolorarc, HPI-T & Euro HIE/HIT) Metal Halide Lamps.